What is Sergio Fortes' work style?

COUPLE SESSIONS: From a walk along the pier to a relaxed photo session on the beach at sunset.

FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY: We know how quickly our children grow and being able to have a memory of such a beautiful stage of life is something that will be very valuable in the future.

WEDDING REPORTS: From the preparations before the ceremony to the cocktail. A complete report of the wedding day, whether with a civil or religious ceremony.

What other types of styles do you do?

EVENTS: Fairs, congresses or some type of presentation needs high quality images to be able to publish on the Web or Social Networks.

CORPORATE PHOTOGRAPHY: Today it is necessary to show a good image that is clean and elegant of companies. Tell me what you would like to show about your business and you will be able to take photographs in the offices and make portraits with high quality lights since I have the best materials to set up a professional photographic studio anywhere that is needed.

Is there a possibility of contracting a video service?

Yes, of course. Video recording is another of the most requested services since they are being highly valued in recent years thanks to the great consumption of the public on Social Networks. Giving visibility to a project or your company on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube will make your business stand out from the competition.

How do you deliver the photos and videos?

Once everything that has been contracted is finished, the delivery will be made in a very comfortable way. A Link will be sent to a Private Gallery to be able to download everything very comfortably.