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Thank you for getting here, because if you are reading these lines it is because you are interested in knowing who I am and who it is that creates the images behind the camera.

My name is Sergio Fortes and I am a professional photographer based in Malaga

I consider myself a lover of music and gastronomy, I really enjoy good cinema and I am passionate about traveling with my family to get to know other cultures.

Since I began to be interested in photography in 2008, I have not stopped learning about the exciting audiovisual world. Learning every day, self-taught and taking courses in person at specialized schools such as EFTI (Madrid), where I took a year to complete my training in photography, digital development and professional lighting. 

In addition, I have had the opportunity to hold numerous workshops on another of my great passions, that of video production and editing, something that thanks to the photographic base learned during these years has changed my way of understanding light. 

Currently my work as a photographer  is oriented to wedding photography, and the creation of audiovisual content for companies, lifestyle, photographs and corporate videos. In addition, in the studio takes gastronomic and product photos for websites, online shops and adapting it to the main Social Networks such as Facebook and Instagram to enhance its visibility by reaching more customers and improving its image.

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